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Surprising items you can (and should) purchase product protection for

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We all know that items like computers or phones come with warranties,  but it’s possible to get product protection for many other types of purchases as well. Whenever you are buying something that will get significant use, or that you will depend on frequently, it’s worth looking into the product protection and warranties available.

Through Mulberry Unlimited, you can get product protection for all your online purchases under the same protection plan. You'll have unlimited coverage, claims, and no deductibles or hidden fees. It's a great way to ensure all your favorite products are protected, no matter what.

Protect unlimited online purchases for $9.99/month

What items can you purchase product protection for?

Here are a few items you may be surprised that you can purchase product protection for.

Winter camping gear

Buying the right equipment is essential if you’re looking to have a successful and enjoyable winter camping experience. You'll need lightweight tents, high-quality skis or snowshoes, warm sleeping bags, sturdy and reliable backpacks, plus your heavy-duty jackets, gloves, snow pants, and boots. All of these items can add up, and individually cost hundreds of dollars. If you're bringing a pet, you may even need dog camping gear to make it possible for your companion to make it through the snow and ice.

Thankfully, although many brands that sell clothing items don’t include a warranty, Mulberry makes it possible to buy product protection for a range of items, including winter camping gear, so that your large purchases are protected.


We partner with brands like Amazon, Wayfair, and The Home Depot to offer product protection plans on large purchases like sofas and beds. These items are essential to our everyday lives, and are often expensive.

Many manufacturers offer a basic warranty plan, but you can buy additional coverage with Mulberry. The protection is not only for larger items, but you can even protect smaller purchases like end tables, cool lamps, or rugs from eligible retailers.

Air purifiers and humidifiers

If you have pets, or if you suffer from allergies, buying an air purifier can be life changing. They work to cleanse the air and catch any debris. Additionally, humidifiers can make an impact by helping you get through the dry winter months, or adding moisture to the air when you have a seasonal cold or flu.

These electronic appliance items, available from retailers like Target, Amazon, or Walmart, have extended product protection available through Mulberry. You can browse eligible items as you shop online when you install the Mulberry browser extension.

Home decor

If you’re looking to elevate your space, you may want to invest in some high-quality statement pieces that can decorate your home inside and out. Trendy items like concrete planters and stylish ottomans, available through websites like Wayfair, are eligible for product protection coverage through Mulberry. You’ll just need to use the browser extension to see your options as you shop.

 Large appliances

When you invest in larger appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, or outdoor grilling stations, you'll want to be sure that your items are protected and covered against damage. These expensive purchases are important in any home, and you won’t want to leave things like accidents or product failure up to chance. Most retailers offer limited warranties for these items, but it may be a good idea to seek further protection through an extended warranty plan with Mulberry.

Kitchen supplies

Everything from a Cuisinart to a Japanese knife set has coverage options with Mulberry. We offer product protection for kitchen supplies both large and small. Whenever there’s a significant purchase in your life, shop with the Mulberry browser extension to see if you can protect those items to guarantee long-term use.

Protect all your products with Mulberry

Product protection can go a long way in making sure your products last as long as you want them to. Although many manufacturers offer their own warranties, they often fall short in providing the most complete coverage. Install the Mulberry browser extension to view protection plans, discounts, and deals as you shop.

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