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Keep your cool: The importance of refrigerator extended warranties

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Refrigerators should be infrequent purchases. As a large appliance at a high cost, most of us try to avoid having to dish out thousands of dollars on a regular basis to upgrade one of our staple kitchen needs. Refrigerators should last around 12 years, and most come with some type of manufacturer’s warranty. But to ensure you get the full lifespan out of your item, you’ll need to take special care of it.

Because of the amount of use this item gets in your household, you may be asking yourself, should I buy an extended warranty on refrigerator purchases? Accidents are prone to happen, so we recommend getting an extended warranty for your fridge for long-lasting protection.

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How you'll benefit from a refrigerator extended warranty

Let's take a look at how you can benefit from having an extended warranty for your refrigerator.

Cost savings in the long run

Investing in product protection is typically more affordable than replacing items in full. Being proactive when it comes to an extended warranty pays off, as you often wind up not having to pay repair and replacement costs, which can add up over time.

We are all familiar with the frustration that comes when a repair costs nearly as much as a new product—especially if you recently bought the item. An extended warranty can mitigate this situation and make it easier to save.

Make use of the full lifespan of your product

Just because an item says it will last a certain number of years, doesn’t mean it will. An extended warranty will help you get the longest-lasting use out of your major purchases, like refrigerators.

Distributing these major costs over long periods of time makes the process of buying large appliances more affordable. No one wants to budget for a new refrigerator, couch, washing machine, or dishwasher every year. An extended warranty can help you get the repairs you need to keep your machine working for as long as possible.


When you don’t have warranty coverage, you'll often have to pay a high price for repairs. This can sometimes even come close to the cost of buying an entirely new item. Look for an extended warranty that will help cover the cost of repairs, including both parts and labor. This will make the process affordable as you look to make long-lasting use of your refrigerator.

Brands have different options for coverage, like the Samsung refrigerator extended warranty plans, which surpass many competitors on the market. Find a brand that works for you, and consider purchasing a warranty through a third-party provider like Mulberry.

Customize coverage to meet your needs

Not every household uses their appliances to the same capacity, so not everyone needs the same exact warranty coverage. To get the most out of your extended warranty, find a plan that allows you to pick options that suit your needs—like time frame, price, and terms and conditions. For example, if you bought an LG appliance, explore the LG refrigerator extended warranty options through their warranty portal.

Avoiding emergency situations

Items like refrigerators are important for our livelihood, as they help us eat and feed our families. You don’t want to have a broken fridge and be stranded without cookable food. Some steps can be taken to avoid these surprise emergencies and inconveniences, like installing refrigerator surge protection and investing in warranty coverage.

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