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Everything you need to know about Best Buy protection plans

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If you’re shopping for something at Best Buy, you've probably seen various options for warranty coverage. While all products come with a standard manufacturer’s warranty, there are many damages that aren’t covered under a basic policy. This is why you'll want to add an extended warranty like MulberryCare, especially when it comes to electronics

Best Buy also offers protection plans, but before you commit to purchasing a Best Buy extended warranty you'll want to install the Mulberry extension. You can compare warranty plan prices directly in your cart when you're shopping online.

What does a Best Buy warranty cover?

When you purchase new items from Best Buy, you have a few different Geek Squad protection plan options, as well as the option to purchase their Totaltech membership which includes 24 months of protection for multiple devices. Both Geek Squad protection plans and the Totaltech membership have options to purchase coverage for additional repairs that the manufacturer's warranty doesn’t cover. The Totaltech membership is pricy at $199/month, but it does include coverage for multiple devices and additional tech support. You can read more about the Best Buy protection options in this article

Best Buy warranty policy

You can choose coverage from 1-3 years depending on the plan you choose, and you can only submit up to two claims every 12 months, from the time of purchase. In addition to being limited to two claims, you'll also have to pay a service fee when you file the claim which fluctuates depending on the item being repaired.

With a MulberryCare extended warranty, you'll never pay a deductible or service fee and you can file an unlimited number of claims. 

Best Buy protection plan service fees

Here is an overview of the Best Buy service fees, which are determined by the purchase price of your device.

Screen Shot 2023-01-24 at 12.49.51 PM

Best Buy TV warranty

From transportation and installation to maintenance and unexpected repairs, there’s always a chance something might go wrong with your TV. If your television is larger than 42” you can sit back and relax, because you can choose a Best Buy protection plan that includes house calls if you need to have your TV installed, uninstalled, or reinstalled. It won't be cheap though, so you may seriously want to consider if the warranty price is worth it. You're probably capable of hanging or moving your own TV, in which case you should opt for MulberryCare at a fraction of the cost.

Best Buy appliance warranty

If any of your major appliances need repairs, you can purchase a Best Buy protection plan where Best Buy will send someone out to your home, even if the issue is due to normal wear and tear. Just keep in mind that accidental damage doesn’t qualify. They’ll cover up to $300 for spoiled food per covered incident (MulberryCare will reimburse you up to $500).

The benefits are different depending on the specific appliance. For example, if you damage your vacuum while handling it, they’ll fix it for you and even replace the battery if it isn’t holding a charge.

Best Buy phone warranty

If you purchase a cell phone from Best Buy with their protection plan, you can expect the following coverage:

  • Accidental damage while handling your device
  • Coverage on original accessories that came in the box
  • Shadow images or bad pixels on the screen
  • Device failure due to normal wear and tear

The main drawback with cell phone protection from Best Buy is that Apple iPhones don’t qualify. So, keep that in mind the next time you’re shopping around for a new device and be sure to install the Mulberry browser extension. Even if you purchase your Apple device through the Best Buy website, you can add MulberryCare to any purchase.

Is a Best Buy protection plan worth it?

When it comes to evaluating your coverage options, you need to identify where you can get the most value for the life of your product. While Best Buy protection plans have some benefits especially if you're interested in tech support, they're expensive and limited to less than 2-3 years. 

With a product protection plan like MulberryCare, you can protect almost any product you purchase online, including those items you purchase at Best Buy. You won’t even need to inquire about eligibility because the browser extension does all the work for you while you sit back and browse. Check out this article for a price comparison between MulberryCare and Geek Squad protection. You'll want to install the Mulberry extension and take advantage of the low-cost protection options.


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