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MulberryCare vs. Walmart: Choosing the right warranty for electronics

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Walmart is one of the largest companies and most popular retailers in the United States. With over billions of dollars in sales each year, the company continues to see significant growth from year to year, especially with the launch of their Walmart+ membership service. With this in mind, it's no surprise that many people all over the world look to Walmart for some of their most important electronic devices.

However, when it comes to buying electronics, it's important that you understand the warranty you're getting. Manufacturer warranties usually have limited coverage that only lasts for up to one year from the purchase date, and will only provide you with repairs and replacements due to manufacturing errors. This means you'll likely be left on the hook financially for costs related to unexpected accidental damage or malfunctions that can't be traced to manufacturing errors.

An extended warranty plan like MulberryCare is a different warranty option that can provide a longer period of coverage and a greater amount of protection than manufacturer warranties. Let's take a look at how Walmart and MulberryCare compare to one another when it comes to extended warranty plans for electronics.

Walmart electronics warranty protection

Whether you’re in the market for a Walmart smart TV, a Walmart gaming laptop or MacBook, or even one of the new Walmart Samsung phones, there are product protection plans available for all types of devices.

Walmart offers protection plans through Allstate, and gives you the option of a standard plan or an accident plan.

  • Standard plan. Walmart's standard plan covers mechanical and electrical failures, power surges or power supply failures, and breakdowns during normal use.
  • Accident plan. The accident plan is available for specific portable electronics like tablets, phones, laptops, and headphones. This plan will protect your electronics from drops and cracked screens, spills and liquid damage, and everything that's already covered in the standard plan.

If you're looking to purchase a new television, keep in mind that the Walmart TV warranty is only covered under the standard plan. Accidental damage, intentional damage loss, and theft are not covered.

MulberryCare electronics warranty protection

With MulberryCare, you can also get coverage for electronics. MulberryCare provides long-term protection for all of your devices, and includes coverage for the following:

  • Cracks and breakage
  • Drops and spills
  • Mechanical and electrical issues
  • Power surge damage

When you get an extended warranty with Mulberry, you'll get coverage for free for your first three months. If you'd like coverage for a longer period of time, it's as simple as upgrading to a low-cost plan. Pricing varies depending on the product in question, but you're always guaranteed to offer the best value for your investment. Not only that, but you won't need to worry about a deductible or any service fees.

When you download the Mulberry browser extension, you can earn rewards while you shop and get product protection offers in real-time for your specific product. Instead of browsing all sorts of extended warranty options and hoping you get the best value, Mulberry guarantees that you'll get the lowest prices on the market for all of your most important electronics.

Why you need an extended warranty for your electronics

While most electronics come with a basic manufacturer’s warranty, they typically only cover you for up to a year from the date of purchase. Additionally, repairs and replacements are often limited to basic malfunctions caused by manufacturing defects.

When your electronics are covered by an extended warranty, you can end up saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars. It's also nice to know that if anything goes wrong, you won't have to dig into your own pocket for costly replacements or repairs.

Shop with the Mulberry browser extension to view product protection plans in real time. In addition, you even accumulate rewards as you shop, which you can then use towards payment for protection.

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