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The best free rewards programs that'll help you save

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It seems like every retailer has a rewards program these days. But how do you know the good from the bad? We’ve all signed up for rewards programs and been bombarded with text and emails that don’t actually cater to our preferences, or frankly, give us any deal or benefit at all.

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What are the best free rewards programs?

We’ve compiled the best free rewards programs that’ll actually help you save money on the items you buy or want to buy. Check out our list below:

For the makeup junkie: Ultamate Rewards

Ulta is a popular makeup, hair care, and skin care store, and has a great rewards system. With Ultamate rewards, you earn points for every dollar you spend, have the opportunity to earn even more points by signing up for email notifications for exclusive offers (win-win!), and redeem your points toward any product or service.

Ultamate rewards are completely free, and you get free gifts and coupons for your birthday. The rewards dollars keep stacking up, so you can use them on even your most splurge-worthy items. Plus, you can also use them at Target, which has a partnership with Ulta.

For the fashionista: Kohl’s Cash

Kohl’s Cash is a great program to help you save money. When you sign up for Kohl’s rewards online for free, or when you shop while they’re running a Kohl’s cash promo (which is most of the time), then you earn typically $10 in rewards for every $50 you spend. This $10 can be used on nearly anything in the store, including sale items, and there is no prerequisite on how much to spend before you can use it. For example, you can purchase an item for $10.12 and use the $10 Kohl’s Cash to cover the item.

The Kohl's Cash is redeemable on your next purchase, but be sure to use it before the date given, as there are no extensions.

For the tech wiz: Best Buy Rewards

The Best Buy rewards program is free to join and offers so many great benefits. My Best Buy members earn 2.5 points for every dollar spent, get free shipping with no minimum purchase required, exclusive offers, the ability to create wishlists, and more.

The Best Buy rewards program benefits can be expanded with the My Best Buy credit card and Best Buy Totaltech.

For the coupon fanatic: Club Publix

Groceries are getting expensive, but Publix has a great solution for those feeling the tension in their wallets: Club Publix.

Club Publix is a free rewards program that gives you weekly savings and updates tailored specifically to the items you purchase the most. You can save on your favorite items with digital coupons, get a sneak peek at the weekly ad a day early, pay with the Publix app, save shopping lists, track your purchase history and receipts, and even get a free birthday treat. Stacking all these savings can really help you get more bang for your buck on your next grocery run.

For the health conscious: Rite Aid Rewards

We all know prescriptions are expensive, but earning rewards for those monthly necessities takes away a bit of the sting. With Rite Aid Rewards, you earn points for every online or in-store purchase, and every time you pick up prescriptions. You can turn your points into BonusCash and save even more on the items you use daily.

Your Rite Aid Rewards account gives you access to digital coupons that are clipped directly to your account to help you save while shopping in-store and online. They also offer BonusCash challenges where you have the opportunity to earn up to $70 in BonusCash for buying brands you love.

For the pet lover: Petco Pals Rewards

Your furry (or scaly!) friend deserves rewards just as much as you do. Petco Pals Rewards, now rebranded as the Vital Care core and Vital Care premium rewards program, offer discounts, rewards points, members-only pricing, exclusive offers, and even free items.

Petco Pals Rewards are catered to your type of pet, so browse their Vital Care Membership Benefits page to see all the ways you can save.

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