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The best student discounts

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From late night exam-cramming to attending fun social activities, keeping up with tuition costs, and so much more, college is definitely an adventure–and it’s expensive too! As a college student, managing all of your responsibilities while finding the money to pay your monthly bills can be tricky.

Product protection is a great way to save for students looking to keep a little more in their pockets each month. With Mulberry Unlimited, you can get all of your purchases covered under the same protection plan, all for a low monthly price. That means everything from your dorm furniture to your computer and more are protected, no matter what.

Install the Mulberry browser extension to find out more, and to view the best protection plans for all your purchases.

Who offers the best student discounts?

Many companies offer discounts especially for students, and some offer huge savings! Wondering where to find the best student discounts? Here’s a list of some of the best.

Target student discount

From school supplies to clothes, dorm decor, and groceries, Target has everything a college student could need. If you’re a frequent Target shopper, be sure to sign up for the Target student discount! Verified students enjoy periodic savings on school supplies and other products, with discounts of up to 20% off.

Wondering how to sign up for the Target student discount? The process is simple. Log into your Target account and navigate to "Settings". Then, select “Get Verified”, and select the “I’m a Student” option. After you enter your information, you’ll receive an email confirming that you are verified. Then you’re good to go–just stay tuned for some great deals!

YouTube Premium student discount

Whether you’re watching educational videos to cram for a test or simply taking a study break with a few cat videos, you likely visit YouTube at least once or twice a day. However, watching YouTube with ads can get old, and is especially frustrating when you’re short on time! Luckily, as a student you can get a discount on YouTube Premium, allowing you to watch unlimited videos and listen to music ad-free.

At only $6.99 per month, a YouTube Premium student plan is nearly half of what a normal individual membership costs ($11.99 per month).

Paramount+ student discount

Enjoy streaming shows and movies, but tired of paying for expensive monthly subscriptions to streaming services? Take advantage of the Paramount+ student discount.

For only $3.75 per month (25% off the normal membership cost), you’ll enjoy access to dozens of originals and box office hits, as well as live sports, including March Madness, NFL games, and the Masters Tournament.

Amazon Prime student discount

For most college students, it’s easy to feel like there's never enough time in the day to get everything done. This is why having an Amazon Prime membership can be a huge help–instead of taking time out of your busy day to run to the store, simply place an Amazon order and receive the items you need the next day!

Although a regular Amazon Prime membership is somewhat pricey ($139 per year or $14.99 per month), and may be difficult for a college student to justify, luckily, Amazon offers a special deal for students. With an Amazon Prime student membership, you’ll get a 50% off discount on regular membership prices, which a small price to pay when you think about how much you’ll save on shipping!

On top of quick, free shipping, an Amazon Prime membership comes with a lot of additional perks. Although at this time there’s no Audible student discount, you’ll enjoy two free titles when you sign up for the Premium Plus trial. An Amazon Prime membership also comes with dozens of other perks, including access to free movies, TV shows, and songs, exclusive deals, savings on prescriptions, and even access to free video games. It’s a great deal for any college student!

Verizon student discount

If there are two things you’re bound to use more than anything else as a college student, it’s probably your smartphone and the internet. However, paying for these services every month can quickly eat away at your funds. Luckily, with the Verizon student discount, you can save hundreds of dollars per year on your phone and internet bills.

Verizon’s student discount allows eligible students to save $10 on Fios internet plans, reducing your home internet bill to as little as $20 per month. If you’re looking for phone savings, the Verizon student discount allows you to save up to $25 per month ($10 off for one line and $25 for two lines).

Start saving today

Between busy classes, exams, and your social activities, life as a college student can be a lot to juggle. Luckily, by taking advantage of student discounts, finances are one thing you can mark off your list. And to enjoy even greater savings, be sure to install Mulberry’s free browser extension. You’ll find great deals on product protection and much more. Enjoy the savings!

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