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Which stores price match with Amazon?

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Amazon has certainly taken the retail industry by storm, using its convenience, fast delivery, and low prices to put competitors out of business. As a result, many companies have started price matching to Amazon products to stay competitive. Here’s a look at what price matching is, and where you can get a guarantee with Amazon prices. 

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What is a price match program?

A price match or guarantee is a policy some retailers have where they promise that if you can show them the same item for a lower price at a different retailer, they’ll match that lower price. Some even have price adjustment policies where they’ll refund you the difference between their price and the lower-priced competitor. Both are strategies that help companies keep your business, instead of losing your purchase to a competitor.

With the gaining popularity of Amazon, some companies have implemented price matching with Amazon to try to retain business, while others have refused to make this offer.

What are the policies of popular retailers about price matching Amazon?

Let’s look at where you can get a price match from Amazon, and where you can’t.


Does Target price match Amazon? Yes, with some fine print. Their policy states that you can bring in proof for a price adjustment (meaning a refund of the difference in price) within 14 days of your purchase, as long as the low price on Amazon wasn’t due to a lightning sale, a special offer, or an Amazon Prime exclusive deal. These would be exempt from the guarantee.

Best Buy

Best Buy does price match with Amazon as long as it’s within the return and exchange window. So, if you’re wondering, “does Best Buy price match Amazon?” then all you have to do is call customer service to give them the proof for your item.


Does Walmart price match with Amazon? Yes, for all items of the same model, brand, color, and style. Walmart only allows for price matching on items that are in stock at Walmart and Amazon, and the Amazon product must be fulfilled by Amazon itself.

Home Depot

According to their policy, Home Depot doesn’t price match with Amazon. But each store manager is responsible for the price matching of its customers, and many customers have managed to get price matched to Amazon in their local store. So, it may vary person to person.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Yes, Dick's Sporting Goods does price match with Amazon. It even says so in their policy. You’ll have to call a customer support representative or bring the item in store to a sales associate to get an Amazon price match.

Does Amazon price match?

The short answer is no, Amazon doesn’t price match. Because of the nature of their competitive marketplace, they constantly lower their prices in relation to competitors and don’t offer a price matching guarantee as a result.

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