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Why you need an extended warranty for your Apple AirTags

Apple AirTag and Apple iPhone on table next to each other

AirTags are a highly advanced and reliable device developed by Apple. Taking up a little more than an inch in diameter, they allow you to track your valuable possessions, such as your keys, wallet, luggage, or backpack, using your iPhone, iPad, or Macbook. An AirTag battery also holds an impressive life of over one year, with your iPhone alerting you when it's time to be replaced.

However, even the most reliable and advanced technology can face unexpected issues. If you want to truly protect not only your AirTags but also the items they're attached to, an extended warranty is essential. Install the free Mulberry browser extension to view all the product protection plans available for your AirTags.

Most common uses for Apple AirTags

Let's take a look at some of the more common uses for AirTags, and why you need an extended warranty for them.

  • Using an AirTag dog collar or AirTag cat collar can help you monitor and track your pet when you need it most. Cats especially are very solitary creatures, and sometimes they might disappear for a while, so it's important to know they're safe.
  • An AirTag wallet is like the money clip of the future. When you make your wallet traceable, you’ll never have to depend on a lost and found again.
  • An AirTag bracelet can be used for both adults and children. Whether you’re traveling solo or just want some extra insurance for your toddlers at Disney World, the bracelets are a great solution to keep everyone together and accounted for.
  • If you’ve never experienced lost or delayed luggage, count yourself lucky. However, if you have, then you know just how useful an AirTag for luggage might be.

Why you need an extended warranty for your AirTags

Protection against manufacturer defects

No matter how advanced or reliable a product is, it can still have manufacturer defects. These defects could occur due to various reasons, such as a flaw in the design or production process. In such cases, an extended warranty can provide you with protection against the cost of repairs or replacements. AirTags are covered under AppleCare, which is Apple's manufacturer warranty, but this coverage only lasts for one year.

Peace of mind

Having an extended warranty on your AirTags can give you peace of mind knowing that your device is protected against unforeseen issues. When you have extended coverage, you won't have to worry about covering the costs of repair or replacement. Simply file a claim, and the product protection provider will handle the process for you, making it a much smoother and stress-free experience.

Cost savings

You’ll save money in the long run when you have product protection. It’s expensive enough to replace an AirTag once, and considering the whole point of AirTags is to reduce stress and provide an extra layer of security, you might as well set yourself up to not be on the hook for any repair or replacement expenses.

Increased longevity

If all you have to depend on is a manufacturer’s warranty, you're only covered until your device hits the one-year mark. If you want your device to last as long as possible, investing in an extended warranty can ensure your AirTags stay in top condition for their entire lifespan.

Protecting your investment is easier than ever with MulberryCare

At the end of the day, getting an extended warranty on your AirTags gives you an extra layer of insurance that provides protection against manufacturer defects, accidents, and damage.

To make sure you get the best value for your extended warranty, install the Mulberry browser extension to compare product protection plans in real time as you shop, and get three months of product protection for free!

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