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The best discount shopping sites

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Online shopping has boomed in recent years, and most of us can’t get enough of the convenience it brings. As delivery times get shorter and shorter, it continues to make more sense to have your items delivered straight to your door.

But those online shopping dollars do start adding up quickly. There must be a solution that keeps packages regularly showing up to your door without draining your bank account, right? There certainly is—discount shopping sites.

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What are the best discount shopping sites?

Here’s a list of discount retailers that will have you saving more than you could imagine before you even press that purchase button.

Furniture and home goods

Furniture is one of the most expensive types of items we have to buy as adults. And yet, we can’t live without it. We want comfort and a home that matches our taste and style, but how is it possible to afford it when a couch can easily run you a few thousand dollars?

Enter Overstock.com. Overstock furniture is shockingly discounted compared to furniture straight from the retailer, or even from big box stores. Anything you’re looking for in the home décor or furniture world, you can likely find on Overstock. From Overstock rugs to Overstock patio furniture, prices range from bottom dollar to near luxury, so you’ll surely find the type of item you want for your house. The best part is that all of it comes at less than retail price, so your wallet will thank you.

Clothing: Dress for less

No matter how many clothes you buy, you’re always going to want more. Seasons change, our bodies change, styles change, and it never seems to end. Zulily can help. This clothing website offers bulk discounts from top brands direct to consumers at astonishing discounts. We suggest buying Zulily dresses or Zulily shoes for your next chic event so you can find something that matches your style while saving your bank account.

Beyond that, if you want to save money all over the internet, Dealsplus is a great option. You’ll have to create an account to get started, but from there you can access deals all over the web. Dealsplus aggregates deals from other sites, but rest assured, if you want your deals all in one place, Dealsplus is where to start. It offers an efficient, streamlined, and all-encompassing way to find great deals and save money.

Experiences, auto parts, and more: Never ending deals

It’s one thing to get a deal on a product, but getting a deal on an experience is a whole different ball game. Groupon is a pioneer in the less-expensive-experiences space, and is still holding up today even as more sites in this milieu pop up. Get discounts on everything from Groupon massages to skydiving to meal kit deliveries and more.

If you’re a car fanatic, eBay auto parts will help you refurbish a vehicle for way less than you’d imagine. For general tracking of deals across the net, check out Dealnews and Dealcatcher so you can make sure you are getting the best prices on the market.

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There are truly endless deals to be had online, you just need to know where to look. Shopping at discount sites can get you the same great products you get from major retailers, for just a fraction of the price. And with these new purchases, it's important to make sure they're protected.

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