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Understanding the basics about warranties

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Most of the significant purchases you've made in your life have likely come with warranties, you may just not know it. If you don’t love to read the fine print of the product manual that comes with your dishwasher or fridge, the details of your coverage may have flown under the radar. But if you need to have a product replaced or repaired and are looking into warranties, it's important to understanding the ins and outs of what a warranty is, what kinds there are, and what coverage to buy.

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What is a warranty?

A warranty is a promise or guarantee made by a seller to a buyer to ensure that a product will meet specifications. The warranty stipulates that if the item fails to meet those specifications, the seller or producer will either repair the item for the customer or provide them with a new one.

Typically, a warranty does not cover all situations and issues that may arise. Customers should read warranties before they agree to them and ask any questions they have, because many types of accidental damage are not included, and only faults that can be attributed to manufacturer mistakes may be covered.

In these cases, customers can often buy other external warranty products or plans that will cover accidents—think of the coverage you might get to protect your phone if you drop it and the screen cracks.

What are some types of warranties?

There are several different types of warranties that come with varying levels of coverage. Depending on what your needs are, either a manufacturer warranty or a limited warranty might be the best option for you.

Manufacturer warranty

This type of warranty is similar to the general definition explained above. With a manufacturer’s warranty, you will see a company promising to correct a certain set of problems that may occur with the product.

Appliances, electronics, and other large purchases often come with some sort of manufacturer’s warranty. This also can apply to items like vehicles, where the manufacturer may cover faults in parts like car batteries or seat belts.

Limited warranty

When it comes to a vehicle warranty, a limited warranty only covers the parts associated with the damage and not the labor or service fees associated with getting those repairs.

Limited warranties also might state that the manufacturer and customer split the charges associated. Basically, a limited warranty has a set of conditions and exceptions attached to it which make it harder for consumers to actually claim the benefits they should be owed.

How to get a warranty for a purchase?

Typically, an item like an electronic or appliance will come with a warranty from the manufacturer—you will just need to read the manual to learn the terms and conditions. Alternatively, you can often buy a warranty plan from the seller.

For example, if you purchase a laptop from Apple, you can buy an AppleCare plan. Or, if you buy your refrigerator from Best Buy or Walmart, those retailers also offer their own care plans. These plans may be more expensive, but also might cover additional types of damage—which often makes it worth it in the long run.

What Mulberry offers

Another option for purchasing a warranty is to subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited. You'll get comprehensive product protection for all your online purchases, with unlimited coverage and claims for an affordable monthly price. This means spills on your sofa, cracks to your phone screens, rips and tears in your rugs, and more are taken care of, giving you the ultimate peace of mind.

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