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See how you can deliver a great product protection customer experience and drive significant revenue with Mulberry's extended warranty platform.

  • Drive incremental revenue, increase AOV, and boost conversion rates
  • Seamlessly offer product protection plans throughout the customer journey
  • Deliver a transparent and speedy customer claims experience with zero additional team resources needed

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Featured brands

Find Mulberry protection plans when you shop with our retail partners, or use the Mulberry browser extension to get free plans wherever you shop.

Best-in-class protection combined with simple integrations & ongoing optimizations

Mulberry is creating a better product protection experience for retailers and consumers. Mulberry’s people-first platform offers better coverage, a great claims experience, and flexible integrations to deliver best-in-class protection for customers and significant revenue growth for retailers. Global retailers across every vertical choose to partner with Mulberry.


How it works

Unlock incremental revenue by embedding extended warranty offers seamlessly into the customer journey. See how Mulberry takes a people-first approach to product protection while driving increased revenue for your business.

Partner with our experienced team to strategize optimal offers, pricing, and placements to maximize your results.

Integrate through one of our plug-and-play or custom ecommerce implementations, and establish a seamless internal operations flow.

Launch your program with a variety of placement options, like on-site product pages and carts, or post-purchase pages and emails.