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The impact of third-party repairs on standard manufacturer warranties

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When one of your appliances or products breaks, what do you do? Do you seek out a contractor or service who can help you make a repair as soon as possible? Do you get in touch with the manufacturer to explore your warranty coverage? Does it void your warranty to get repairs from a third party?

It can be confusing to know exactly how to deal with the repair process when it comes to standard manufacturer warranties. Thankfully, with an extended warranty plan, you don't have to worry. When you subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited, you get complete coverage for all your online purchases under the same product protection plan. That means repairs, replacements, and more are covered, all for just $9.99 a month.

In this article, we will explore the impact of repairs and your rights as a consumer when a company promises warranty coverage on their products.

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Common beliefs about third party repairs 

Most customers are told that if they get their product repaired by a third-party provider or an independent service outside of the manufacturer themselves, then they are no longer eligible to receive warranty benefits. It is often said that if you get a part replaced, for example, your warranty will be voided.

But this isn’t actually true in all cases. In fact, there is legislation that prevents these limiting terms and allows customers to seek repairs while also retaining their warranty rights.

The Magnuson Moss Warranty Act

This Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Act relates to consumer protection and appliances, and serves to set standards for what are considered ‘full’ warranties, as well as outline breaches of warranty and service contracts. The act has an ‘Anti-Tying’ prohibition, which makes it illegal for companies to tell customers that they will void warranties or deny coverage if they use a part made by a different supplier or get repairs from an independent service. This act massively undercuts the common notion that warranties are limited to strict obligatory circumstances. However, there are still some cases in which companies are allowed to uphold their strict guidelines.

When are companies allowed to withhold warranties?

The FTC outlines that this anti-tying prohibition doesn’t apply in two distinct situations:

  1. If the company has sought out and received a waiver from the FTC for this condition which proves that the product will not work unless it has the specific branded parts.
  2. When the warranty guarantees all parts and services for free. This can be nuanced, and sometimes gets a little more complicated that the first condition.

Some examples of common warranty conditions

Here are some examples of brands across industries where customers may be seeking to file warranty claims.

  • Maytag warranty repair. This infamous appliance brand offers a remarkable 10-year limited parts warranty. You will notice that not all parts are covered, and in the case of refrigerators, for example, just the compressor is under warranty. They also have specific warranty conditions for various laundry machine models which include labor costs.
  • Costa warranty repair. This sunglasses brand offers limited warranties. They have a 2-year promise which does not cover accidental damage, and they outline care instructions to prevent damage at all costs.
  • Patagonia warranty repair. This outdoor apparel brand allows customers to return products or seek repairs at any time. If there is significant wear and tear damage, the repairs may require a fee.

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