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Understanding the fine print of Walmart warranties

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Whenever you’re making a new purchase, it’s always a smart move to learn about the different warranty options available to you. With Walmart being one of the nation’s leading retail giants, it’s always good to know what to expect when you shop there, especially when you consider its wide selection of product offerings.

Before making an investment in any new TVs, laptops, or anything else, it’s imperative that you take some time to understand the fine print of each Walmart warranty option, as well as what you’ll need to file and complete a Walmart warranty claim.

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Walmart warranty basics: Manufacturer’s warranties

Most products sold at Walmart are going to come with a standard manufacturer’s warranty. This typically covers the product for a period of 90 days to one year, depending on the specific terms of the warranty.

To qualify for coverage under a standard manufacturer’s warranty, the product issue must be connected to errors in materials and workmanship. These do not usually cover any type of accidental damage.

However, some companies will offer more than that. For example, Samsung provides a 3-year standard manufacturer’s warranty on all their TVs, so if you’re only looking for that basic level of coverage, you won’t need to worry about an extended coverage plan for three years.

Walmart warranties

Before you sign up for anything, make sure you’re completely aware of what is covered and what might be considered an exception. When it comes to Walmart, you have two product protection plans to choose from.

Standard protection plan

The standard protection plan covers most products, including TVs, power tools, home appliances, lawn and garden products, and more.

Covered products are protected from:

  • Power surges and failure.
  • Electrical and mechanical failure.
  • Breakdowns (without excessive use).

You’ll want to consider an accidental coverage plan for other kinds of damage.

Accidental coverage protection plan

Determining the best warranty for your electronics will depend on the item you’re purchasing. For example, if you’re looking for a Walmart TV warranty that protects you from accidental damage, you’ll want to consider an alternative option, as Walmart doesn't provide accidental coverage for TVs. Outdoor power equipment is also only covered under the standard plan. Keep reading for more details on what is and isn’t covered under an accident plan.

  • Laptops. Covered under the accidental coverage plan, hard drive failure, battery failure, liquid damage, and cracked screens.
  • Mobile phones. Covered under the accidental coverage plan for drops, spills, cracked screens, and charging port failure.
  • Tablets. Covered for battery failure, cracked screen, liquid damage, and touchscreen failure.
  • Outdoor power equipment and patio. Covered under the standard plan only.
  • General merchandise. Select items are eligible for the accidental coverage plan, including headphones, gaming controllers, and other portable electronics.
  • Jewelry and watches. Covered under the standard plan only.

Keep in mind that while the accidental coverage plan covers things like drops, spills, and cracked screens, intentional damage (like from pets or children) is not covered. The Walmart accident plan also does not cover theft and/or loss.

Filing a Walmart warranty claim online or visiting a Walmart connection center

Whenever you purchase new electronics, appliances, or other gadgets, it’s important to keep any paperwork related to your product warranty so you never run into any issues during the claims filing process.

If you want to file a Walmart warranty claim, you can do it online or in-store at a Walmart Connection Center. Make sure you have the product information handy, such as the model number, serial number, and purchase date.

Product protection with all the perks

If you want to get the most out of your purchases at Walmart, it makes sense to invest in extended warranty protection. However, just because you’re shopping at Walmart, doesn’t mean that their coverage is going to provide the best value.

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