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What does a standard manufacturer warranty cover?

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If you’ve ever purchased a large item, electronic, or appliance, it probably came with a manufacturer’s warranty. From phones and laptops to couches, hairdryers, and refrigerators, everything you buy that could have manufacturing faults will likely come with a manufacturer’s warranty. But what are these warranties and what do they cover?

Unfortunately, it can often be hard to know. Although manufacturers often act like their warranties cover everything, they often only provide coverage for a fraction of what you need. That's where an extended warranty plan comes in. when you subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited, you can get product protection for all your major purchases under the same plan. For just $9.99 a month, your most expensive items will be covered in case of accidents, damage, wear and tear, breaks, spills, and more.

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What is a manufacturer warranty?

A manufacturer warranty is a guarantee from the maker of your product that ensures it will operate to a given standard within a certain period of time. The warranty typically stipulates any faults will be repaired or replaced by the company within that period of time.

Many products, including your car, refrigerator, phone, and other tools, come with manufacturer warranties that are outlined in the product manual, where you can explore what is covered, the terms and conditions, as well as the process for filing a claim in the event that something goes wrong with your item.

What does a manufacturer warranty cover?

Manufacturer warranties typically only cover faults caused by production errors related to specified parts within the product. For example, your car warranty may cover engine faults that are proven to be a result of poor manufacturing—but not breaks and damages caused by a mistake on the part of the customer or user.

What does a manufacturer warranty not cover?

Typically, a manufacturer warranty does not cover everything. For example, a limited warranty may only cover some costs associated with replaced parts, but not cover the labor involved to replace the parts through a service contract. Or they may stipulate that coverage provides a split cost for repairs between the manufacturer and the customer.

Most importantly, manufacturer warranties do not cover any accidental damage. This means that dropping your phone, spilling water on your laptop, or getting in a car accident are not covered, and it is therefore the responsibility of the consumer to pay for and seek repairs.

Where can I get coverage for accidental damage?

If you want more practical and substantial protection for your purchases, you will need to buy warranty coverage beyond the manufacturer warranty. Typically, these options are available as an add-on purchase so that you can get coverage for situations with accidental damage.

For example, if you purchase your appliance or electronic from Walmart, you can buy a Walmart warranty that covers accidental damage for your phones, tablets, outdoor equipment, and more. These options come at an extra price, but are likely to save you significant sums of money in the long run when you have to get repairs for unexpected circumstances.

Get full coverage with Mulberry

With Mulberry Unlimited, you can buy extended warranty coverage for all of your purchases. We offer a simple and straightforward claims process, as well as accidental damage coverage to augment the manufacturer’s warranty. When it comes to electronics, your coverage will cover cracks, drops, spills, power issues, and mechanical issues. Furthermore, when it comes to items like furniture, you will get coverage for all spills, stains, tears, rips, and more. We allow you to purchase plans without a deductible so that you can get the best deal in your effort to save costs.

Subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited so that you can get the most complete product protection available for all your major purchases.

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