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How to shop smart with 4th of July sales

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The Fourth of July is right around the corner, and many are looking forward to barbeques, fireworks, and of course, great savings. Shoppers have likely seen promos for stores promising slashed prices this weekend on everything from washers and dryers to flip-flops.

If you’re looking to make the most of these sales, here are our top tips for shopping smart this Fourth of July.

Know the best discount categories

Big sales holidays focus on savings in different categories. Even if your favorite store is offering deals now, they might have bigger discounts in a few months. Here are the categories that you want to shop or wait on for this weekend.


Mattresses are one of the major categories for the July Fourth weekend. Many mattress retailers have been advertising savings on purchases this weekend, including discounts and included add-ons. 


November’s Black Friday sales are famously big for electronics. While there are fewer stores discounting electronics in July, those that do have sales are offering big savings.


Some home goods stores have discounts on home appliances from washer and dryer sets to kitchen appliances.

Outdoor equipment

Big retailers often promise savings on outdoor goods for the 4th weekend. Outfitters with outdoors apparel are also dropping prices, so look for outdoor wear to go with your gear.

Seasonal items

When it comes to summer items, the best sales come at the end of the season towards August. But if you want items to use this summer, you’re likely to get better prices this weekend than other days. Seasonal items that may have sales or promotions this weekend include:

  • Patio furniture
  • Barbeques
  • Summer apparel

Price check and compare

Sales that are only for the July Fourth weekend mean savings with a limited time frame. Even if you don’t have time to spend the whole weekend shopping, it’s worth it to check around to compare prices. In categories that are big for Fourth of July sales, there are likely many stores offering similar discounts. See who has standout pricing and add-ons that go with what you had in mind. 

Also be sure to evaluate the price outside of the discounted amount. Stores sometimes post the big savings number next to the item so you can focus on how much you’re saving. But be sure to check that the final cost is good for the product quality. If the product wasn’t worth the original high cost, then getting it at a lower price isn’t as good of a deal.

Factor in all costs

Before you go through to checkout, make sure you know what the total purchase cost is. Here are some key questions to ask.

Are there additional checkout costs?

Look for additional tax costs added at checkout as well as any shipping charges. If you’re purchasing a large appliance, you may also have added delivery and installation charges. Make sure to check their return policies, including if they allow for returns and if they require you to pay return shipping charges. 

What is the warranty coverage? 

See if they have a manufacturer warranty on the product, and if they offer extended product protection plan options. Make sure you understand the warranty terms so that you know how long coverage lasts and what is included.

Can you layer deals? 

Some stores may offer multiple discount options, including coupon codes and sitewide sales in addition to individual discounted items. If you’re buying an item already listed on sale, see if it’s eligible to be included in sitewide discounts. Retailers may also be offering discounted protection plan options which can help your purchase last longer. If you have similar items with both options available, see which gives the better deal.

This weekend if you’re shopping deals, be sure to use these tips to score major savings on your purchases.

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