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Understanding the fine print of Lowe's warranties

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When it comes to shopping for major home appliances, tools, and outdoor units, Lowe’s offers great prices and a range of options to choose from. However, products like these are no small investment, so it makes sense to protect that investment with a product protection plan.

Of course, all your major purchases will typically be eligible for the manufacturer’s warranty they come with, but there are also other ways you can extend that coverage so you can continue to enjoy your most important home appliance without concern. When you subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited, you can get coverage for all your major purchases, including appliances, under the same product protection plan. For just $9.99 a month, you can have unlimited peace of mind for all your most-used items.

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Lowe’s extended warranty program

Like most major retailers, Lowe’s offers its own assortment of warranty programs for an array of essential home items. Products that are eligible for Lowe’s warranty protection include:

Major appliances covered by the Lowe’s appliance warranty include refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, over-the-range microwaves, dishwashers, ranges, cooktops, range hoods, wall ovens, freezers, and trash compactors.

The most important thing to note about the Lowe’s warranty program is that it does not cover any type of accidental damage. This is significant because most of the time it’s accidental damage and unexpected events that lead us to filing warranty claims.

Benefits of Lowe’s extended warranty

Let's take a look at some of the benefits that come with a Lowe's extended warranty.

  • Payback if you don’t use it. If you don’t end up needing to use your protection plan, you’ll get a refund of 30% of the cost of your plan. This makes it a little bit easier to invest in coverage because you’ll never totally miss out.
  • “Keep it running reward”. 50% cashback rewards for any accessories that keep your items running, such as hoses, lines, cooktop cleaners, water filters, and more (limited to $100 in any 12-month period).
  • Restock your food supply. Receive up to $300 in food credits per incident due to a broken freezer or refrigerator.
  • Worry-free reinstallation. After your limited manufacturer’s warranty ends, Lowe's help get your appliance reinstalled.
  • Quick and affordable repair. For a one-time fee of $50, Lowe's guarantees repair within 7 days. Just keep in mind that this only goes into effect after your manufacturer’s warranty ends. This benefit also does not apply to refrigerators and freezers.

Lowe’s appliance warranty protection plan pricing

To get an idea of what it might cost to cover some of your major appliances through a Lowe’s appliance warranty, check out the pricing scheme below:

Item value

3-year coverage cost

5-year coverage cost

Up to $199.99



























2 laundry appliances

$81.97 per appliance

$124.97 per appliance

2 kitchen appliances

$89.97 per appliance

$134.97 per appliance

3 kitchen appliances

$83.30 per appliance

$132.30 per appliance

Lowe's warranty claim process

Filing a Lowe’s warranty claim is easy to do either at the store or at home on your computer. Simply visit the protection plus website and follow the prompts to get your gear back up and running.


At the end of the day, finding the right extended warranty coverage for your home appliances and outdoor equipment is no small decision. These products are meant to last for years to come, and when you invest in product protection, you can keep them running at little cost to you.

Subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited so you can get the most affordable and complete product protection available.

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